Train with Vince Live in Person!

Each month there is a weekend workshop, plus several conventions each year, and occasional pickup bootcamps!

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“I took Vince Kelvin’s bootcamp and slept with a girl for the first time in 15 years”

- Richard Cynthia, San Diego

"Vince is amazing, in terms of knowledge and experience, everything from NLP to improvisation, to developing a life style and identity. Best of all, Vince genuinely care about his student’s personal growth. He personally follows up and provides a direct contact number for you to get in touch with him."

Hue T. Orange County

"After just 2 hours of drilling with Vince in the seminar room, I pulled and slept with the first girl I sat next to when we arrived at Venue, couldn’t BELIEVE IT!"

Aaron S. - Oakland, CA

Upcoming Events


A 4 day convention each spring that blends communication skills with lifestyle design, magik, and entrepreneurship.


7 days of round the clock seduction training each August. You’ll have no choice but to break free of your chains and start approaching  beauties with ease and confidence.


The EC20 Convention is a 3 day personal development experience like no other. It is a unique blend of pickup, success, entrepreneurialism, magic, and seduction.