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Like Most Men, You Are Probably Craving More Abundance With Women. But Craving Isn't Enough To Get The Results You Desire.


Without Growth, You'll Never Do Better With Women.


Being alone and jerking off sucks.

You may have seen other guys go from nerd to Casanova, and are open to the possibility of change yourself. Perhaps you are not a total newb. Maybe you have already studied some systems for attracting and seducing beautiful women.

But are you still not getting the results you desire with women?


And we are not getting any younger.


In fact, failure in dating, romantic relationships, and sex are some of the most regretted parts of life as men age.


Society has programmed us to not believe we deserve beautiful women.

Never before have cultural conditions been so difficult for men to honour their true selves. It is time we remembered, we are the kings that went dormant!


Nobody ever taught how you get girls when you were growing up.

Growing up we had parents, teachers and coaches showing us how to read and write , play sports etc. But nobody ever told you how to get laid. Or if they did, they really had no idea what they were talking about. Why should this area of your life be left to blindly trying to do it all by yourself?


Historically, 80% of men never passed their genes on, and society hasn't changed that much.

Nature is cruel, and without massive change, statistically you are doomed to never get the girl.


Through destiny, higher guidance, and absolute dedication I have developed my unique seduction coaching system. No matter where you are in your development, you are guaranteed to get better results than ever before.

Growing up in Europe, I did have a few early experiences that gave me an advantage when it comes to connecting with and seducing girls. My godfather owned a stripclub. In elementary school I would hang out in the dressing room, where the dancers thought I was adorable. As a teenager I played gigs as a drummer in bars, and became a tattoo artist. I had a few beautiful girlfriends and got married when I was 19. But then my wife died. We had only been married a year. And it totally fucked me up.

Eventually I wanted to date again. At least get laid. But I felt paralyzed. And lonely. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be with girls. And I wasn’t meeting any. The rare time I did, they were completely uninterested in me. I was depressed, and watching porn was the closest thing I had to sex.

For four years I lived like that. No girlfriend. No dating. No sex. Then I hit a breaking point. By this time I was studying music in university and teaching lessons. One day I was hanging out with some other students. They were not getting laid either. Then I got up and announced I would not return home until I had sex. I went out into the world like it was a matter of life and death. And I walked around and started talking to every girl I saw. Until I found one that wanted to fuck. And I broke my drought! In fact, I slept with 37 girls in a month after that day! But more importantly, something changed within me.


I realized I was free to approach girls. To talk to them with ease if I chose. And I could become sexy. There was nothing stopping me from learning from the great sex symbols, like Jeans Dean. I could experiment with my fashion and develop a style that makes girls notice me more. I studied hypnosis and NLP, and added that to the way I communicated with the girls I was seducing. After I retired from teaching music, I taught improv theatre classes for years. That’s where I developed my playfulness and expanded the range of my delivery. I cultivated my body language. Working with Tony Robbins, I incorporated Peak Performance concepts. I began doing this full-time, and approaching it like a professional. And I got really good at seducing women.


Living in Hollywood, the world capital of beauties, I dedicated my life to this craft. In the 30 years I’ve lived here, I’ve slept with 1000’s of the most beautiful women in the world. And I teach other men to do the same. I’ve trained men in every continent full time for over 25 years. And I am proud of the transformation I have seen in them, as they become more confident, more free, more able to express their inner strength. In fact, dozens of my students have gotten so good at seduction, they have gone on to making a living by coaching other men on how to pickup and seduce women!


All the wild experiences I have had with women has been a crazy ride. I’ve been married 5 times. I’ve dealt with a tonne of drama. Jealous ex-boyfriends. Girls going completely crazy on me. And I’ve experienced things most men would only dream of, including threesomes, foursomes, and more! But What is also of the most importance to me is to serve humanity.


Our world is going through an erosion of masculine energy. It is my life work to train men to rediscover our true, powerful nature. I have always been a teacher. First it was music, and then later improv theatre and spirituality. And if you are a sincere in this endeavour, with an honest commitment to the art, I will be your teacher too.


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